Day 630:

Bacon and egg quesadilla from Del Taco…fuel.

Five-hour drive to the Grand Canyon…far.

Hoover Daaaaamn!



We are ants.

Grand indeed!

Five-hour drive home…far.

Monta Ramen was my motivation for driving home, a new shop claiming to serve Kurume-style tonkotsu in Las Vegas.

This is no Kurume Taiho but decent for Vegas. The people seem to like it. I thought the Tonkotsu Ramen was a tad too sour but couldn’t quite place where it was coming from.

The noodles fared fairly well considering that they seem to be the achilles heel for most ramen in the states.

The Shoyu Ramen was considerably better than the one I had yesterday.

But I wasn’t a fan of these noodles.

So…looking for ramen in Las Vegas? Monta is your best bet.

And I can also bet the chef will improve with more experience…

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