Return to Kohryu…

Day 636:

I used to really like this place, but every time I return I start to really NOT like this place. Anyway, you can read up on Kohryu and my past here.

The assistant was craving tsukemen. I warned her, but I was curious to see what would come out too.

Dear wimc, please do not use these thin wavy noodles that are meant for ramen for your tsukemen. Thanks! Either these noodles were pre-made or someone else’s missed order because they came out way too fast and were all dried and stuck together, which made them taste powdery. Bad!

They were out of the thicker noodle normally used for the Koi Ramen, but I ordered it anyway.

I should have known better.

Anyway, shabu shabu time.

Beware of the spicy droplet.

Why eat so much Japanese food in LA when I live in Japan, you ask? Because you can’t get this stuff in France.

This place was actually pretty good. I’d go back.

Laguna Beach at night is always a nostalgic sight.

Those were the good days, but these days are even better.

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