Day 637:

Disneyland was not initially on the agenda, but with our trip up north canceled (sorry moca!) we decided to just do it.

Captain EO!!

These churros used to seem bigger when I was a kid. And was the castle always that small or did it shrink?


Mint julep!

So we bought the one-day hopper ticket. Now that was a lot of bowls of ramen I had to give up.

But we rode one of our favorite rides…

And were terrified.

I do have one serious complaint though (other than the happiest place on earth not serving ramen). What’s up with the food?! I mean, we pay all this money and then have to pay all this money for crap food. Not cool.

So we left the happiest place (still happy) and I got to get in a few games of basketball with my old crew. Man was I rusty, but it felt good.

Good enough to enjoy a hot pocket afterwards.


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