The dream goes on…

Day 644:

When I first arrived in LA and met my mom, she handed me a piece of paper with this written on it:

Youth is a truly wonderful thing. Unfortunately, though, this is often something that’s hard to appreciate when we’re young. Life passes by quickly. Before we know it, we are old. That’s why in our youth we should be as active as we possibly can. Rather than a life of blank pages, live a life crammed full of memories–of battles well fought and wonderfully diverse experiences. Not to leave behind any history, to just grow old and die, is a sad way to live.

I love my Mom!

In the weeks leading up to this trip, I thought I was ready…ready to bring another ramen shop to LA. But after three weeks of research and careful calculation, it’s not the right time. Sure, ramen is beginning to boom and I might miss out on it, but I’m not about to deliver a bowl without being a hundred percent confident in all its components (down to every last detail). I know I was a bit harsh when I said I wouldn’t slurp another bowl, but it is what it is. With all the new shops popping up, I have confidence that the LA ramen scene will continue to improve. Just remember, it’s not about the money, it’s about spreading the ramen love. See you back in Tokyo!

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