Reckless little boy…

Day 655:

On the weekends, Gamushara gets childish and plays with some dense Niigata miso ramen under the name Yahiko (新潟濃厚味噌 弥彦).

By the way, I renewed my gym membership today and I worked out for the first time since that day. It felt good. Anyway, I was in the mood for Gamushara’s shoyu ramen but when I arrived I realized that they do something different on the weekends. Having always wanting to try Yahiko, I threw out my shoyu ramen craving for a Noukou Miso Ramen.

I’ve never been to Niigata, but I’ve heard they do things thicker and heavier up there. If that truly is the case, then this miso ramen represents well.

The soup is so thick it comes with soup-wari right off the bat. (Mental note: Mostly common with tsukemen, I think this is the first time I’ve experienced soup-wari with a ramen.)

This miso-sludge ramen was impressive, especially because it wasn’t overly salty and didn’t make me thirsty.

Oh I almost forgot the cheese!

Hidden beneath the quicksand were chunks of tender kakuni and an onsen tamago. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be coming back here on the weekend (maybe to try the miso-curry tsukemen), but I definitely recommend this ramen.

The new Nan Tacos from Mos Burger got me curious.

So that’s how curiosity killed the cat…

3 Replies to “Reckless little boy…”

  1. @Dena: don't worry, someday there will be ramen in florida. 🙂

    @benny: yup that's the place. yup i've been to tsukumo. now that's cheese ramen!

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