Chiba Chiba y’all…

Day 657:

My friend Hideki had the day off so I decided to make the trek down to Chiba and say what’s up to all the Chibafornian’s!

Chiba has a lot of good ramen shops, but Hideki insisted I check out the Funabashi Ramen Alley (船橋 ラーメン横丁). So instead of checking out a really famous shop in Chiba, we ended up slurping at Takumiya (匠屋船橋店), whose original shop is located in Tokyo. lol.

The shio ramen is more famous…

But I chose to go with shoyu. It was alright. Perhaps someday I’ll go try the honten.

Monster! Hideki has a lot of cool toys and his love for America is represented in all of them. There aren’t many people driving trucks like these in Japan, especially in Tokyo, but Hideki won’t let a narrow street get in his path.

Have you seen these? They are little figures you can place on top of your cup ramen that change color when 3 minutes are up. Almost pointless, but awesome!

サキ(???) time!

The cheapest beer in Japan. Sold at a home improvement store, it’s a little over 100yen for a 500ml can.

And the cheapest chu-hi in Japan. Thank you Alan for introducing me to the two!!

The ride home was a blur.

Thanks for the ride Hideki!

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