A broken house…

Day 659:

It’s sad to see what’s happening to my favorite ramen shop. But it’s okay. There’s no time to talk, just do. And you can bet I won’t be just watching from afar.

The night was young and Brian was finally back from Gunma. Since his new apartment is only a short bicycle ride from mine, we decided to scour our ramen-related minds for 270yen.

Hiroshi also joined us…

And insisted on cutting the pizza with his teeth.

Nice job! haha jk.

On my way home I needed a filler. Plus I just wanted to get out of the rain.

Iekei is not really something I crave, but Katsuraya (桂家) is worth a late night slurp.


MC Eiht’s in tha mutha….

Sorry, my mind started wandering. Straight Up Menace was playing in the background. What a beautiful egg!

Anyway, it’s time to get this house in order…

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