Back in the mix…

Day 661:

Before getting my feet wet again, I stopped by Jake-san’s to tell him the news. He was excited to hear it.

Then the thunder began to explode and more than just my feet were getting wet.

But the B is back on my chest…for now.

Now this is a comfortable spot. (Yo DK they still got your chair!)

There’s nothing like slurping a bowl I put together myself.

Someone’s got to clean up this mess…and apparently it’s me.

4 Replies to “Back in the mix…”

  1. green curry ramen is one of the top reasons i'm planning a tokyo spring break trip!
    basa can't close 😦

    keep it up, keizo!

  2. hard to say. until a new manager can take my place or until basa closes it's doors forever. right now i'm just trying to prevent the latter.

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