Behind the steam…

Day 663:

I can do this. But is there a point? I think there is, but it will take awhile to materialize. Lunch today was just as busy as it was yesterday. A shout out to heller66 for coming in today. I hope you enjoyed it!

During my break between shifts, I started to feel it. My body was starting to suffer. So I stopped at nearby Kusenbou on my way back to basa.

Karamiso Moyashi Ramen.

I’m not sure why I keep coming back here. After every time I end up cursing the Kumamoto-style noodles. Too hard. Too starchy. But I’ll probably forgive and forget and be back here again someday.

It was a busy night again for Bassanova. Thanks Boom, for still sticking around.

2 Replies to “Behind the steam…”

  1. Folks, if you are like me you follow this blog and enjoy Keizo's engaging ramen adventures and good natured quips . . . well, after watching him handle a busy lunch hour by himself and crank out bowl after bowl after excellent ramen (one of which I was fortunate enough to eat), I have to say he is not some starry eyed ramen aficionado . . . he is a stone cold ramen making machine who just happens to play a starry eyed ramen aficionado on TV, er, the Internet.

    Great work, I will have to try something other than the tondaku wadashi soba next time (but . . . I probably won't. It was good.).

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