Day 664:

I forgot to tell you my NEW bike got taken yesterday. Yes taken, not stolen. After the lunch shift, I closed up shop and when I slid open the front door…my bike was gone. I first thought it was stolen…AGAIN. But after calling the bicycle hotline, my bike was at one of the bicycle yards. Apparently you can’t park bikes in front of basa. Yes, I knew this, but this was the first time they actually took one of our bikes (and of course it had to be mine). Normally they come in and ask if the bikes parked outside are ours. Anyway, 3000yen poorer I now have my bike back (!@#$%es!!). Let’s go get some Bushou (武将らーめん)!

“Oh. Wow!” That was exactly my reaction when they put this Tokusei Nokou Miso Ramen in front of me.


The soup…thick. The chashu…thick. The noodles…thick. Everything about this bowl was…thick.

For once, I was craving something other than ramen for dinner. But after paying too much for this not-so-very-good hambaagu steak, I regret my decision.

I now know better…

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