Stand and slurp…

Day 668:

There used to be a lot more of these stand up and slurp ramen shops, but for some reason I haven’t come across many lately. Taro-ken (高円寺ラーメン タロー軒) in Koenji is a classic if you want a quick slurp. And they’re cheap!

The set menu (ramen and half curry) at 800yen is the most popular.

The ramen though is an average old school shoyu with a little too much saltiness.

And the noodles were a little too pretty for this soup, but I wouldn’t mind coming back here. After all, they are open 24 hours.

Taro-ken’s curry was good too, but I prefer mine green.

Now this is the way it should be.


2 Replies to “Stand and slurp…”

  1. Mmm, ramen and curry rice. For someone like me (which admittedly is nothing to aspire to, as I am a glutton with the palate of a Japanese junior high school student when it comes to these things) there is something deeply attractive about being able to eat both in one sitting.

    Any way to make the green curry ramen soup into a mini donburi topping to have as a set with the other ramen? I think I'd order that every time . . .

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