Day 669:

I thought about not working the lunch shift today since I couldn’t fall asleep last night and only managed to get a few hours, but my girl set me straight. Fortunately or unfortunately (I’m too tired to decide which one), there was a typhoon in the distance and the lunch shift was a little slower than normal.

So I had a little time to sample more of those new noodles.

And at night I sampled the new garlic oil for Bassanova’s Tondaku Garlic Soba.

Oh yeah, now that’s how TGS is supposed to taste.

Btw, was it ficken windy or what today?! Our 営業中 flag broke in half and our lighted sign almost got blown to pieces.

One Reply to “Tyfoo…”

  1. oh man that broth looks insane. not even sure if that's chicken or pork, but also….looks insane. address for this place?

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