Day 672:

Stepping into Rai Rai Rai (来来来) in Sancha felt like stepping into…

Well…just a dirty old ramen shop…

That serves a dirty effin’ good Champon!

Seriously, this Tori Champon is a champion. The vegetables are so fresh and the chicken just pops with juiciness.

The champon-specific noodles are also thick and poppin’. This is one shop I know my mom will enjoy.

Picnic in the park!!

My friend Banana invited me to hang out with some of her friends in Yoyogi Park. And since this was mainly a place to make new friends, I called up some of my friends to join in on the fun. Next thing you know, the fb friend requests were clogging the inbox. haha.

After a night of fun in the park and even getting harassed by the cops, Brian wanted to check out this Okinawan restaurant by his new pad.

Look! (No not that head coming out of my armpit.)


Man do I miss Okinawa.

Brian says to look below.

Souki Soba!!

Hiroshi was getting a little too excited. Or was it because the soba tasted like $#!*. Anyway, I can’t remember.

Before we left, Banana had to get some Blue Seal.

And Hiroshi needed to get out of the bright lights.

Awesome night guys! Next week. Same time, same place?

The night was so good, I vaguely remember buying a quarter pounder with cheese on my way home. But I did…

One Reply to “Champ-on…”

  1. OMG is that a Foremost? That F Blue Label logo looks a lot like the “Foremost” logo. That was a big dairy company in Taiwan. I used to eat at their restaurants as a kid, but they've all closed down.

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