Noodle and bar…

Day 671:

Now that I have to go to basa practically everyday, I started expanding my local ramen perimeter. Sangenjaya, aka Sancha, has some great shops and it’s time I began exploring.

The first shop on my radar turned out to be Noodle And Bar Sancha Fukami. While doing my research for the day, there was only one reason why I chose to come here.

Tokushima Ramen.

Yes, there aren’t that many Tokushima Ramen shops in Tokyo (characterized by the raw egg topping) so I was extremely eager to give this one a try.

The noodles are thin, but everything about this soup is heavy. It’s not something I’d want to eat everyday, but I could still eat it everyday. Make sense? I didn’t think so.

The meat was damn good tho. I pondered ordering a chashu-han, but my stomach advised against it.

I’ve always been fascinated by our burnt garlic. Customers have asked for a garlic version of our Tondaku Wadashi Soba so I tested one today. I think we’ve got what the customers want.

Right BA?

2 Replies to “Noodle and bar…”

  1. Hey, that looks like the Foremost Dairy logo from my childhood! I haven seen that logo in years. Your friend Banana is the lovely young lady dressed in black? Do invite her back to your blog sometime soon!

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