Rated (R)amen…

Day 673:

As you already know, I eat a lot of ramen, but of the 380+ bowls I’ve already eaten so far this year, only a few have been instant. With that said, if you want to learn more about instant noodles go check out The Ramen Rater. “Instant” Hans just reviewed his 500th pack!

Anyway, I’m off to DT! (get it?)

An obvious descendant of ET, DT is just a less-refined, less-expensive version.

The wontons barely contain any meat, but there’s something about them that makes it okay.

Nothing like an after work beer and GCS.

The rest of the night was rated pg…

One Reply to “Rated (R)amen…”

  1. I don't get it!? DT?!

    …I almost ate instant ramen three days in a row but had to stop myself after looking at the sodium content. I didn't want to become a raisin. GET IT!? Cause salt sucks out moisture!? …=D

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