Day 674:

There seem to be a lot of shop names with the character ‘fuku’ (福=good fortune) in them. Anyway, after some good fortune at the gym I found myself craving some Fukuju (福寿) in Sasazuka, but that Fukuju wasn’t open (again!). So instead, I remembered Shuga telling me about another Fukuju (福寿) in Minamidai and off I went in search.

I’m pretty sure this Fukuju has some sort of relation to the one in Sasazuka from the same earthen-cemented ramen pots, but this one claims to be number one. (The other just let’s you realize it on your own.)

You know…I have a thing for these old, dirty, shoyu ramen shops that contain so much history, but with this bowl…I may think twice before entering another one.

Plain and simple, this Chashumen was a chuukasoba from old…

And the menma appeared to be very old. Very, very old.

Wanting to cleanse my mouth with a bowl I could rely on, I immediately headed for Ichifuku (一福) for a back to back slurp.

Ishida-san, the ever-so-friendly woman owner, was surprised to see me walk through the door. It’s been awhile and I apologized to her, but she was very happy to see that I was still in Japan and working towards my goal. In any case, I ordered the shoyu ramen without hesitation.

Garlic chips! That’s what they are!!

I’ve been cleansed. Ishida-san is a sweetheart.

Very lovely…

And she will always graciously thank you for drinking all the soup.

Three bowl day!!!


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