Day 679:

Before going into basa for 8 hours of prep on my day off, I needed to reach out to my soul.

And reach out I did, but why do I gotta top my ramen myself??

If you do go to Soulmen (SOULMEN魂麺), order this: Tori Paitan Shio Ramen with thin noodles.

In the park, I took a picture of the full moon (waning gibbous to be exact) and noticed a little blue dot below it.

Then I took another picture and noticed that the blue dot moved.

And it moved again.

And again!

The ‘energy’ was among us.

And I was forced to eat ramen again.

Dokkan (背脂煮干濃厚醤油 どっかん)!!! aka: Gamushara at night.

Seabura Niboshi Noukou Shoyu Ramen.


What an awesome mess!



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