Day 682:

If you recall, I neglected to tell you where the Ganko from my post a couple of days ago was located. Well, now I’m back for seconds and if you’re lucky I’ll let you in on the lore of ramen royalty.

Like I said, this is not that Ganko, it’s better.

For this is where I found the one and only Ichijo-san, the Iemoto himself. I didn’t actually realize it was him until I got home that day, so I came back today to show him my respect. He remembered me and, in fact, I think he is quite intrigued by me, as I am with him. Only time will tell if he sees me as his student, but I, for one, have a new mentor…a new hero.

He even shared his lunch with me!

Ganko has historically broken the mold and aside from Ichijo-san’s revolutionary beef-based soups, he experiments regularly with anything and everything.

Today’s special was a layer of Ise-ebi (Japanese spiny lobster) soup poured on top of the traditional Ganko Shoyu Ramen. Ichijo-san tells you to sip the top layer before mixing. Holy $417! that’s amazing.


As I got up to leave, he told me to come back on the 18th. For something even more special would be awaiting… (Btw, this was my 400th bowl of 2011.)

Anyhow, big boss was back in town!!

“The warmth of it makes us comfortable.”

And boy we were glad that they “could be happy.”

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