Stubborn special…

Day 684:

Today is a special day. A very special day. For the assistant will be arriving from France. Unfortunately, her plane got delayed 9 hours. But fortunately, it means I’ll have time to try Ichijo-san’s Sunday special.

Ichijo-san is definitely a ramen G. He comes out before he opens, slurping a bowl of today’s special and claims “there’s no mistake, this is an effing good bowl!” He even recognized me standing in line and said “oh! you made it. today’s a special ramen you know?”

Okay, so let me get to this special ramen. It’s a triple soup. Yes, triple! The first part is Ise-ebi (Japanese spiny lobster). The second part is a blend of corn, chicken, and apple. And the third, poured on top of the noodles at the end, is a feverishly cooked crab.

Ichijo-san’s helper was an equally cool dude. He jokingly chided me for not coming in when he works. Friendly dude, but he still scares me. haha.

Voila! I was instructed to take a sip of the top layer first before mixing. Mmm…the crab soup is something else. This whole ramen was something else. There’s only one way to describe it. Amazing!

According to Ichijo-san, I just earned my black belt. Yeah baby!

Hello baby!

Welcome home!

On our way out to dinner we noticed a ruckus over by Okinawa Town so I immediately called Jake-san to see if everything was okay. Apparently the apartment above Syuri Seimen caught fire, but everyone seemed to be okay.

Speaking of Jake-san, hmmmm. Isn’t that my pic? hahaha. And I think I was the one who coined Yabayaki! Oh well. Gotta love Jake-san.

Shabu shabu!!!


Welcome home…I missed you.

6 Replies to “Stubborn special…”

  1. @mratito: bingo!

    @edjusted: yeah, it's great! i'm not sure if it's common in the soup but people use it in tare sometimes too.

    @La Pepper: is this NY Pepper?

  2. It's the crazy(?) innovators like Ichijo-san that makes the journey fun ne, the times like this when you slurp and discover something entirely different from the other countless bowls you've had.

    Is apple a common ingredient in ramen soup???

  3. So, the Assistant is back in town. That explains why the blog has fallen a week behind. I hope you are enjoying your time together!

    This Ichijo-san sounds like a real character. Culinary pioneer and showman!

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