Puff the magic Keisuke…

Day 685:

Keisuke is at it again and this time he’s full of smoke. One of his latest, in what is now a total of 12 shops, Shio Ippin Godaime Keisuke (塩逸品 五代目けいすけ) is located in the heart of Shinjuku Station on the 7th floor of Lumine Est. And having recently been contacted by a German news site for an interview, I thought this would be the perfect place to kill two bowls with one spoon.

After a minor wait, Ole and I were ready.

I’ve heard good things about this Keisuke and I was looking forward to getting a puff of my own.

What’s that dude doing? And what’s up with this lid? Apparently the latest Keisuke gimmick is to pump a few puffs of smoke into their bowls and capture the audience with a smoky aroma. Does it work? It gives it a twist, I guess. But after a few seconds you’ll forget that it was even there.

There are two types of shio ramen you can choose from. I went with the lighter (assari) Kohaku.

And Ole went with the heavier (kotteri) Paitan.

Both weren’t bad, but the Paitan had a fuller, more bold, chicken flavor. The Kohaku was a bit on the tangy side.

And the smoked hanjuku egg…

Tasted like a smoked hanjuku egg.

On to the next one…

Btw, they feature a different smoke chip everyday. Today’s was Sakura.

Since we were in Shinjuku, I thought I’d go show Ole one of my favorite shops. What?! What happened to Wakatsuki??

Nevermind, time to get Chanko!!

Thanks again mum!

Surprisingly, the assistant and I were still hungry and a new ramen shop was on our way to the station. Shiosobaya (らーめん 汐そば屋) in Kasuga opened only a few months ago and it sounds like they specialize in shio ramen.

So what did we get? Shoyu Ramen!

Okay, I’m full.

Let’s go home.

2 Replies to “Puff the magic Keisuke…”

  1. Jackson Pollock was a great artist who couldn't actually paint, and James Joyce was a great artist who couldn't actually write.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say Keisuke is a ramen artist who can't actually make tasty ramen but having eaten at a couple of his joints, I don't necessarily get the sense always making great tasting ramen is a priority over being feted as a very clever man.

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