Zero plus…

Day 688:

The typhoon was long gone, but what started out as a lovely day suddenly became another wet one. So we headed for the hills.

Wa..what happened to Mist? Ramen Zero Plus? Plus what? Apparently, Mist had shut down earlier this year and Ramen Zero Plus (ラーメンゼロ PLUS) swooped in and opened in April.

While still blending in with the uber-fashionable Omotesando Hills, Ramen Zero Plus makes you feel a little less uptight.

The assistant ordered the tsukemen.

And really seemed to enjoy it.

I ordered the PLUS Deluxe. Okay so let me explain what the plus is all about. If you recall, the original Ramen Zero is located in Meguro and they specialize in a ramen without tare (a necessary part of most ramen). You can still get that Zero ramen here, but the main attraction is this ramen PLUS shoyu tare.

True to its name, this ramen was a huge PLUS! HUGE PLUS!

The curry was good too.

Maejima-san, thank you!

And then…

It was time for some chicken and beer. Thanks heller!

And somehow we decided to hit the slopes.

What happens in Shinjuku Alps, stays in Shinjuku Alps…

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