Dai Tsukemen Haku 2011 Pre-Stage…

Day 690:

Ahh the memories… It seems like only yesterday that I was working at this event. Anyway, Tsukehaku is back! And it’s opening day!!

The “Pre-Stage” features brand new tsukemen from 8 popular shops. No, I’m not gonna try all eight…at least not today.

Hiroshi, the tsukemen beast, joined me on this historic day. For there was only one “dream collabo tsukemen” that we were after.

But why come for just one bowl? I think we can do at least two.

For the record, this was the shortest line.

Houkiboshi (ほうきぼし) is a relative newcomer to the ramen scene. Known for their Tantanmen, the most famous thing about Houkiboshi is….

…the 18-year-old female manager. Yeah dudes, stop drooling. Anyway, I’m not sure how much of the management she actually does, but Houkiboshi seems to have got our attention.

And the Tantan Tsukemen wasn’t bad either.

In fact, it’s spiciness was just right and the handmade noodles were mochee-mochee.

Alright, enough stalling. Let’s get down to business.

The real reason we came was because of this Ganja X Rokurinsha X Tomita (頑者X六厘舎Xとみ田) collaboration–A Dream Tsukemen Collabo!

Wait a minute…3 hour wait?!!

la di da di daa…

hum ho hummm… Look! It’s Ohashi-san, Mita-san, and Tomita-san!

Almost there!

After waiting 3 hours you bet I’m paying an extra 300yen for all the toppings.

Let the dream collabo begin.

The noodles are from Ganja. Firm, crisp, slippery and slurpable.

The shrimp wonton was a welcome surprise.

The egg was average, but after 3 hours it hit the spot.

The dream collabo did not disappoint. Although I may not wait 3 hours to try it again, it was definitely worth it.

Tsukehaku lasts until 10/16 with new participants interchanging weekly. If you like tsukemen, then you should definitely go.

2 Replies to “Dai Tsukemen Haku 2011 Pre-Stage…”

  1. Well a wait like that is one way to work up an appetite!
    Funny, I saw this in Hiroshi's blog and knew exactly where this lot is. Are there any good ramen shops around this area?

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