Night pic…

Day 694:

With the weather cooling somen is getting out of style, but it’s easy and good.

Just like this microwave guratan (gratin).

And they both taste better with this wasabi salt I picked up in Izu.

Anyway, off to the night pic!

Oops, I got distracted on the way.

I didn’t take any pics of this night pic-nic, but if you live in Tokyo and want to meet new people there’s a gathering almost every Tuesday night in Yoyogi park.

The pic-nic is fun, but I always look forward to the after pic.


Why does this feel like so long ago?

2 Replies to “Night pic…”

  1. You need to figure out a way to incorporate spam into a really good ramen – just think, you would be a god amongst men in Hawaii, Okinawa and Guam (at the very least)!

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