15 generations…

Day 697:

A new ramen shop, Jyugodaime Tetsu-men (十五代目 哲麺), opened in Higashi-Matsubara near Bassanova. You know what that means…competition!!

Uuuh…nvmd. 十五代目 means 15 generations of handing down this ramen, but they should have stopped at maybe 1. Aside from being cheap, there’s no competition here.

Basa is 1000x better.

Chili dog agrees.

Now this…is love.


Now this is homemade chili. Yeah man, you better watch out with what I do with this.

Thanks Laris for the recipe! With the available ingredients, this is the best I could do…

One Reply to “15 generations…”

  1. 15daime? I hope they are trying to be funny because unless the founder invented a time machine while cooking up that mediocre ramen that's just false advertising.

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