Chili and sou…

Day 698:

So yeah, I took that chili from last night and created a Tonkotsu Chili Tsukemen.

I repeat…Tonkotsu X Chili!

AmaZing!! Once I finalize the recipe, I’m gonna put this on the menu.

The lunch shift was pretty hectic today, but thankfully I didn’t have to do a double. Oddly enough, I had some time to kill in Takadanobaba so I decided to hit up Menya Sou (麺屋宗 -sou-). Sou has ridden the ramen wave for the last few years and it continues to score well above the others.

With one sip of their Uma Shio Ramen (うま塩味玉そば) you can tell why.


“Don’t say it, don’t say it!”

I gotta say it. Sou’s shio ramen tastes better than Afuri.

Where did this little guy come from?

So that’s why I was in baba. Btw, a visit to baba wouldn’t be right without linking to the baba legend.

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