Deterred by cheese…

Day 700:

See that ramen shop down at the end? No? Nevermind, it’s closed. So now what?

Okay…two choices: Old school or new school?

Normally, I’d go old school shoyu without a doubt, BUT (yes a BIG BUT) do I see CHEDDAR CHEESE??? My inner cheeziness was invoked so the assistant and I chose to try Mensou Kashige (麺爽かしげ) in Asagaya.

The assistant went for the spicy tsukemen (野菜辛肉) that was basically a tantan tsukemen.

But of course I chose the Noukou Cheddar Cheese Tsukemen (濃厚チェダーチーズつけめん). Like Mitsuyado Seimen, the cheese comes on the side but it’s not really that cheesy.

The tsukemen without the cheese tastes pretty good.

So let’s see what the cheese (whiz?) does.

Hmm…I can’t taste much difference. Anyway, I guess the point is…this is a really good tsukemen, but I might just bring my own cheese next time.

Btw, McRIB is back!!!

Wait a minute, something tastes different. Did the McRIB in the states contain mayo?

Yo! Big up to Alex for stopping in today all the way from Pennsylvania. He’s also a HUGE fan of ramen and would like to open up a shop someday. He showed me pics of his various ramen experimentation’s and I was really, really impressed.

Good luck Alex (頑張れ!) and let’s definitely exchange ideas!

2 Replies to “Deterred by cheese…”

  1. He's not kidding! He's been showing us pictures of your ramen at work every day for the last year! You must make some good stuff (it looks absolutely delicious). Awesome of you to shout out to a fan. 🙂

  2. Hey man! It was great to finally have your green curry ramen! I've wanted to eat it for the last year… and it was totally delicious! Thanks for the shout out; expect emails and photos to flood your inbox in a few weeks! =)

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