Tiger fried…

Day 702:

After waking up to the rain, I was in the mood to try something new. Toraji (虎ジ浜田山本店) in Hamadayama was just the thing.

With a cool bamboo interior and a hefty makes-the-food-taste-better chef, this may turn out to be an impressive find.

The Moyashi Tsukemen was approved by the assistant.

And the namesake Shoyu Torajimen was a welcome surprise of furious flavor.

The slippery serpent-like noodles were a perfect match.

But woah, what’s this??

A fried hanjuku egg? Cool! You can feel a rubbery snap when you bite into it, but otherwise it’s just like a normal hanjuku egg. Not much going on flavor-wise, but texture-wise it was interesting.

Sui Gyoza!

Back at work I tried to copy the fried egg thing. haha.

But it didn’t come out right. I think I need to coat it in some flour first.

Anyway, I also tested out a new topping for the TYS.


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