Ramen playboy…

Day 705:

As I was prepping for lunch I heard a knock on basa’s door.

It was our Mikawaya rep delivering some new samples!

Time for a test slurp!

These noodles are made with bits of whole wheat (see the spots?) and they match extremely well with our TWS. Hmm, perhaps we should consider this whole wheat option…

Anyway, the rest of my night went something like this. Wakatsuki.


Sexy basa b***!



Big bad Tak in a bow.

Banana rocks.

The best yakionigiri I’ve ever eaten.


Banana noticed some dude sleeping in a parking lot so she decided to join him.

Then we all decided to join in too. Ahhh, the joys of Tokyo nightlife.

A ramen spread in Weekly Playboy?? (It’s not the playboy you’re thinking of.)

Hey!! I know that dude!!! Haha, congrats Brian!

Wait what am I still doing awake?

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