Southern window…

Day 708:

There will be a TV crew coming into Bassanova tomorrow to film, so I rallied the troops to spend a couple hours cleaning shop. But first, on my way to buy some cleaning supplies, I stopped at Menya Tenhou to fill up and say hello to my little ramen friends.

Hmm…something about this place has gotten sexier…

Anyway, cleaning time!

Okay I’d rather not show you the before and after pics cause they are pretty shocking, but we cleaned that m***a**ck* up. Time to hit the southern window!

Out of everything we ate, this buta kakuni had to be the best. Someday I will replicate it.

On to cracking nuts.

Can someone please clean the window? Everything is blurry.

I think we enjoyed cracking nuts too much. Okay, I’ll stop.

Late night ramen in Shimokita? There’s only one place to go. Everyone’s favorite, mediocre, damn-this-ramen-tastes-so-good-cuz-I’m-drunk ramen shop: Kashira.

Damn, this ramen tasted so good cuz I was drunk.

What? No more trains?

Thanks to everyone who came to help clean tonight. Especially you Tak!

2 Replies to “Southern window…”

  1. Keizo, I'm the one with the dirty mind. ;=)}
    Yet somehow, my eyes are still good enough to tell that the time on the clock at the Shimo-Kitazawa station (through which I have traversed) reads 2:14 am.
    There are no trains running in Tokyo @ 2:14 am. (In Chicago, yes. But Tokyo, no.)
    Let me tell you now that I have managed to book myself into Japan for 5 – 20 December. Ostensibly to cover the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2011. But you know I am going to visit other venues in between all my soccer reportage. Yes, Bassanova is near the top of the list.
    Let me get through the newer articles in your blog before I make more remarks. Thank you much.

  2. Hey-yo, that Ramen looks preeeetttty darn good. The Ramen that I usually partake in…not so much. For funsies, I read ingredient lists to smooth jazz and put the videos on YouTube and I just finished with Maruchan's Yakisoba Cheddar Cheese flavor noodles (just click my name if you want to see it, it's a direct link to that video). Not technically Ramen, I know.

    Anyway, what you've got going on in this blog post is night-and-day compared with that stuff. I really hope to try honest-to-goodness authentic Ramen someday. Could you reccommend a place in the U.S. to go for that sort of thing?

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