No rabbit no life…

Day 713:

I had some free time before work so I stumbled my way to Usagi (らーめん うさぎ) in Shinsen.

Their ramen trademark is a triple soup made with chicken, pork, niboshi, dashi, and….rabbit? JK on the rabbit part. The shop is only named after rabbit.

I was in the mood for wontons so I ordered the Wontonmen.

Not a bad bowl, but the rabbit did not pop out.

Hmm…maybe there is…nevermind.

And finally, Paul and Sarah get to try the famous GCS.

Paul’s reaction: “I can see why you moved here.” haha.

2 Replies to “No rabbit no life…”

  1. There is a new brewery here in Chicago which won a medal at the Great American Beer Festival, and captured 3rd place in a blind tasting and dinner held by the Chicago Beer Society Saturday night. Its name is 5 Rabbit Cerveceria. I am pretty certain there are no actual rabbits used in its beer recipes. X=}}

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