Milkin’ it…

Day 714:

The assistant’s time is limited so I have to milk every second that I have left with her. But she wanted no part of this. haha.

Cup Noodle Gohan. Add water, mix, and microwave for 5 minutes. Okay, now I can say I’ve tried it.

I saw this Sanraamen from Shahouden Kayusanchin (謝朋殿 粥餐庁 京王モール店) in a ramen book awhile back and was always curious to give it a try.

Uh..yeah..the whopper across the way was awesome!

For our last dinner together, the assistant and I decided to have sushi across the street from Bassanova at Gen Zushi (玄鮨). I know how you guys like sushi so you have to check this place out. And then come by basa for a bowl of ramen afterwards. 😉







押しちゃダメ!Somehow we ended up at Katsu (克ツ) after.

Got milk…seafood??


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