No craziness, no fun…

Day 716:

We decided to spend the night in Bunkyo-ku so we could get on a train straight to Narita tomorrow. Yes, the assistant will be leaving us once again. But before she could go, it was time to have some fun.

Thank you Oh-san and Chin-san!

Thank you mum!

And THANK YOU Mr. President!

It ended up being one crazy night. Luckily this tsukemen shop was still open at 3 in the morning. Ryogoku Gonroku (つけ麺屋 両国ごんろく水道橋店) in Suidobashi was on our way back to the hotel.

I totally forgot to take pictures at karaoke, but I did take a lot of funny, crazy pictures in this tsukemen shop.

This tsukemen was definitely Taishoken-based. It wasn’t bad, but it was also 3am.

We are definitely crazy!

Well…at least I am.

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