Arm exposure…

Day 721:

So today is the big day that Bassanova gets to be on TV.

Before our debut, I stopped by Ranchu to say wassup to my dreaded friend.

Oddly enough, I tasted clam in the soup. But when I asked him about it he told me that he doesn’t use any clams.

Apparently when you boil niboshi for a long time it starts to taste like clam. Who knew?!

Action! My friend Mihoko was kind enough to invite us over to her place for a viewing party. Thanks Mihoko!

Damn, that looks good! Kentarou claims that when he gets a ramen craving, Bassanova is the only place he goes. Nice!

My arm!!! Haha. Initially, they were gonna feature a segment on me and my dream (no joke! the director spent an hour interviewing me and having me say lines into the camera), but then they just couldn’t find a way to fit me into program. No worries, my arm was shown at least three times.

The after party was spent at an izakaya in Ebisu. (You guys made the blog! lol)

I think Ebisu will become our new hangout.

After a few drinks we walked across the way to Chuukasoba Kiwa.

The master remembered me and was so excited that I came back he gave us a free beer. And not just any beer. This was some premium ish.

Then he looks straight at Tak and says: “You look just like Abe Hiroshi.”


The ramen was great, but I still think it could be stronger.


I have a feeling this week will be busy…

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