Milk, junk, and mabo…

Day 725:

Milk is good for you. But milk seafood cup noodle?

Yes I tried it. It tasted like a cheesy chowder with bits of seafood dipped in milk. Not bad, but not my cup of noodle.

The lunch shift was crazy! Thankfully I had Nobo work with me cuz I would have died by myself.

Nobo had also brought me some take-home Junk Garage from his recent visit to the Tokyo Ramen Street.

This was some thick junk.

Basa Junk.

Just like the real thing.

In between shifts I had a craving for Mabo Ramen. Spice!

The night shift was just as crazy. There’s definitely a power at work here.

One Reply to “Milk, junk, and mabo…”

  1. Some Basa-style grilled chashu would do a lot to break up the monotony in my opinion. The Junk Garage mazemen is a little too one-note texturally for me . . .

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