Good wood festival…

Day 728:

The manager of Kuragei (らーめん蔵芸中野店), inside Simachu, is an old friend of Shuga’s wife and often stops by basa with a case of beer. Since I had some shopping to do, I decided to stop by and pay back the favor.

The ramen here is so-so, but the kakuni is sweet and super tender. The Kakuni Ramen is always the way to go.

And to pay back another favor, Kenta stopped by basa the other night to tell me that Good Wood moved to Shibuya, so the usual crew and I decided to check it out.

It was a festival.

With jerks (still hoping for a jerk chicken GCS collabo)…

And patties…

S***! We missed last train! Oh well, time to grab a bowl. Shibu Hide (らあめん 渋英) is a branch of Hide-Chan Ramen in Shibuya, hence Shibu-Hide.

It’s always fun to see all the interesting things that happen at night. Apparently, the real jerks were getting carried out.

Anyway, on to the ramen. Shibu-Hide Ramen with everything on it.

The tonkotsu soup is clean with nothing real special about it.

But it’s a late night slurp worth slurping

Right fellas?!

So how should we get home?

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