My wish…

Day 739:

Another year of my life has gone by.

Ramen Takitarou in Mitaka

And I feel that every year of my life is a gift in itself.

For it’s another year that I get to live life to the fullest.

Shoyu Ramen

Live my dream…

And eat tons of pork fat.

Homemade Seabura


After working a double shift, I was hella tired. But my closest friends decided to surprise me.

Thanks guys! You rock!!

Almost as much as these cheesy tsukune’s. haha. jk.

Special thanks to Richie Rich for showing up at this ungodly hour and to Banana for organizing the surprise.

Thanks Boom! Thanks Nobo! Thanks Daikon! Thanks Katsu! I made a wish tonight. A good wish. A wish for all of us to share.

Thanks for all the gifts.

And thanks for those giant shots of tequila (NOT!)

That’s all I remember. Thank you for letting me wake up in the morning. And thank you for always letting me share my boring life with you. My wish is our wish. It may take time, but it will come true.

2 Replies to “My wish…”

  1. Ah Happy Birthday and many more to come!

    You have an interesting life. Thank you for sharing it with us. I had a bowl of hakata ramen at Shinsengumi in Marukai yesterday. Probably never would have if it wasn't for your blog. So there you go!

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