Ramen Walker TV!!!…

Day 744:

They first came calling last month and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day. But I needed some fuel to start the morning fire.

This was big!

Ramen Walker TV!!

You’ll know what I’m talking about soon.

It was nerve-racking, but probably one of the best basa experiences yet.

Oh yeah!

It airs on cable tv 12/22 but will run throughout the next year and even be posted on youtube. AND they said they’ll send me a copy to post on my blog. So let’s wait for it…

This guy is a ramen god. He insisted that he get a picture with me, but seriously the pleasure is all mine. Thank you Emoto-san!!

Yeah, I know you wanted to see another pic…

I have a feeling this may lead to bigger things…

3 Replies to “Ramen Walker TV!!!…”

  1. oh wow! how cool! congrats~~~~

    how i wish i can be in japan right now! for sure i would go to basa for the ramen~

    looking forward to the video!

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