Day 755:

After a long weekend of working back-to-back 15 hour shifts, Mondays are no longer to be hated.

Daitabashi Taishoken

Especially since Mondays are my days to only do prep. So Ebisu here I come!

Woah, Dyurumen Buta-aji (づゅる麺 豚あじ 恵比寿神社前) has a new Showa Era Chuukasoba (昭和の中華そば)!

I guess I gotta try it.

Not bad, a little sweet, but the tsukemen here is the way to go.

Dammit, I hate last train.

I stopped by the local Family Mart on my way home and saw these new limited edition Slime nikuman’s and just had to get one.

Sorry little guy…

It tasted like a normal nikuman, but felt like I was eating a smurf…

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