Bari bari blah…

Day 784:

I woke up this morning determined to go to a new ramen shop called Akakokko, but they were closed for lunch. So since I already rode my bike to Koenji, I thought I’d just ride it a little further to Nogata. After debating whether to go to Nogata Hope or Hanamizuki, I figured I’d check out Hanamizuki (つけ麺 花みずき) first–the “number one” tsukemen shop in Suginami-ku.

Really? Number one?

Okay it was good…

But number one?




After a quick snack in Bunkyo-ku, Nobo picked me up in his car and we headed to the “number one” shop in all of Tokyo–Menya Itto. Unfortunately, we were too late. Although it was only 9pm and they close at 10, they had already ran out of soup. 残念。

So instead, we wound up at Bari Bari Johnny (らー麺屋 バリバリジョニー). A friend once told me about this shop and how the owner spent time in America and speaks English and how they also have a green curry ramen. I didn’t get an opportunity to speak with the owner…

But I did get an opportunity to try their green curry. No competition (to basa’s that is!).

And their Shio Ramen.

I don’t know how to say it…so I just won’t.

Yo what u doing to my friend!!

Okay, remember this next pic.

So it wasn’t a good day for ramen today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

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