The rabbit and the beast…

Day 788:

So I made it…to 600.

Yeah, you guessed it. Fitting right?

My last ramen of the year and bowl number 600 is none other than ET.

This will be my third new year in Japan. Time sure does fly. And as of now, I’m anticipating a fourth…

ET is a feast for any ramen beast. 来年もよろしくね!

It’s party time!! It took four trips, but I made it.


What a way to bring in the new year. Making ramen for friends in a cozy bar while also enjoying a few drinks.

Thanks Yukachin!

Homemade gyoza too!!


First ramen of the year!! Deuces!

Time to hit the temple.

And drink some sweet sake. Rabbit seems to like it a lot.

Let the dragons reign begin…

I remember eating one, but did I really have two? haha.

What a night. Happy New Year everyone! Let 2012 begin!! 今年もよろしく!

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