Hurricane fever…

Day 829:

I have a feeling today will be great. A couple weeks ago I received an email from the one and only Chris Davies saying that he would be back in Tokyo with another band. And this time the band is none other than HURRICANE BELLS!! Okay, we’ll get to them soon but first I needed to start my day properly.

Kai (甲斐) has always been one of my better-liked ramen shops, but oddly enough I had never tried their more popular tsukemen. Hmm..there is something eerily familiar about this tsukemen. Right away I can tell it’s got the HIT influence, but I also sense a similarity to another shop–Jiraigen maybe? And perhaps even Bassanova?

After all just look at the bowls. We all use the same ones! I think I need to get to the bottom of this. Anyway, the tsukemen was good but I prefer their ramen.

Back at basa I had an appointment with the writer and photographer of a local magazine. Apparently we will be featured in this months issue. The meeting was quick and I only had to make two bowls, but there was just one problem. They didn’t even eat them!!! How can you write about something you haven’t even tried??! Haha, oh well. It should be a nice article.

To my surprise, look who stopped by before their show! Hurricane Bells!!!

By pure coincidence, their show happened to be at FEVER, the club down the street from basa.

Let’s do this!

The opening act was 8otto. These guys are pretty damn good too.

But Hurricane Bells rocked it!

With Ramen Power!

And it was great to hang out with the band afterwards. Definitely cool peoples! Thank you Steve, Ash, Christian, and Colin!!!

Thank you Chris for another amazing night!

And thanks again Hurricane Bells!!!

I live a fu**ing cool life!

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