Eight flags…

Day 832:

Hachi (麺処 hachi) in Nishi-Shinjuku has been on my radar for sometime now, but I never thought they’d play me for a sucker. Let me explain. I approached Hachi first wanting to try their Nousai Shoyu Ramen (濃菜醤油ラーメン), but was soon persuaded to try the “ONLY 10 BOWLS EVERYDAY” special.

Haha I got suckered. It’s not that the Goku Niboshi Ramen (極煮干ラーメン) was bad, but I really wanted to try the shoyu!!

Actually, this was pretty good. They warned me of it’s fishiness, but I didn’t think it was that strong at all. At least not like Nagi Golden Gai.

It was very smooth and creamy almost like a chowder. I guess I gotta go back for the shoyu now. Suckered…

Dinner in Gotanda!!! Lasagna!!!! Thanks auntie and uncle!

On my way home, the crew was hanging out in Hatagaya. Banana was back and she brought us all the same gifts. Thanks Banana!

Was this really the first time we’ve all hung out together this year?

Not sure who he is, but he wanted to get on the blog. haha.

Then of course, it was time for some ramen.

A new Chuukasoba from Kotobuki?

Needs work…

But there aren’t many ramen shops where you can get free shots of tequila or jack so I’ll definitely be back!

Oh yeah. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s day…

Thanks Suzu-chan!!

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