The next step…moving on…

Dear friends,

With one project having come to an abrupt end, it is time to move on the only way I know how. It is time to pull whatever I have up my sleeve and run with it. In the coming weeks and months, I will take full advantage of my time in New York and work with select ramen shops to inch closer to the ultimate goal, even if it means starting back at square one. Life has many ups and downs, but our default choice is to live through them. We make mistakes then we correct them so we can live to slurp another day. I have no excuses, nor will I ever give up. Forevermore, I will only follow where I hope to lead.

Thank you.


The District of Ramen…

Day 1348:



Good but could’ve been better.


Spicy Miso Ramen.


Shio Ramen.

Equally impressive.

I wonder if The President eats ramen.

Toki Underground had a two-hour wait. Oh how unfortunate. I guess I’ll have to come back someday.

Peking duck!

Thanks D.C.!!

Ren and ramen…

Day 1347:

I decided to spend a couple of days in D.C. and on my way I found Ren’s Ramen in Wheaton, MD.

“The Sapporo” style Shoyu Ramen.

“The Sapporo” style Miso Ramen.

The noodles are imported from Sapporo and kaedama costs $4. Good lord that’s a lot of money!

But the ramen isn’t bad. The miso was a little sweet, but the shoyu had good depth.

Ramen Dan Dan on the other hand…

Was honestly bad bad.

Sorry, it’s just the truth.

Stick to the yakiniku.

And sushi.

The end end.