Shuya Cafe de Ramen Collaboration Night With Chef Josh Reisner

Two weeks ago, I was honored to get a seat at a collaboration dinner featuring two of my favorite ramen chefs–Shuya Miyawaki and Josh Reisner. Both are extremely creative and very good at incorporating fresh ideas within the ramen realm. This nights dinner featured four courses plus two dessert dishes and plenty of “oh man that’s good!”

My favorite dish of the night was Shuya’s cold shrimp mazemen with chilled lobster bisque made with 100% lobster shells. Josh’s summer garden ramen was also solid and showcased his love for the ramen artform. It’s still hard to believe he’s only fifteen and I get excited knowing that his craft will only continue to grow exponentially. This is the second collabo by these two and I already cannot wait for the third. Please sign me up now.

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