Ramen Inspired Ramen

On the back of our Ramen Shack T-shirts is the following statement–Ramen Inspired Ramen. If you know me or you know a little about my history, this might immediately make sense. But sometimes there are those customers that read this and giggle as if it makes no sense at all, so let me try to explain why it’s not as superfluous as it seems.


Several years ago, the popularity of ramen began to extend into different cuisines and onto the menus of Italian, French, Spanish, and even American cuisines. These “fusion” (for lack of a better word) type ramen were then labeled as “Italian Inspired Ramen”…”French Inspired Ramen”…and so forth. For me, I have always been a huge fan of ramen in general and all it’s types and every bowl that I have slurped in my lifetime has ended up inspiring me somehow. And whenever I approach a new recipe for ramen it always starts with something I’ve experienced in the past. Therefore, my ramen is ramen-inspired-ramen. Does that make sense now? I hope so. 😉

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