The reboot

Every minute, I think about ramen. It doesn’t stop. So I need to get a few things off my chest.

Ramen in America is booming, so they say. But is it really? With any type of “boom”, business takes precedence. The business of making money.

The current commercialization of ramen in America is essentially the gourmet version of instant ramen. Frozen stock, manufactured tare, generic noodles.

Running a ramen shop is grueling. Not only is it 10x more difficult than cooking a burger, the prep leading up to a bowl can be infinitely harder as well. So it’s hard to blame a shop for wanting to take shortcuts if it means more money.

To be continued.

2 Replies to “The reboot”

  1. Thanks Kurt. The fighting spirit is still there it’s just that partnerships are what’s killing it. I’ll keep fighting. I would say 80% of ramen shops still dish out garbage.

  2. Depends on what kind of business you want to be. If you want to be a McRamen and just make money then you can just dish out the type of “ramen” that Wagamama does. Garbage

    If you want to have character and produce something like the attention the Ramen Burger generated then you need to keep that fighting spirit and optimism that you’ve exhibited all of these past ten years. Consider all options .. maybe the decision needs to be that you need a partner in this. If it’s gruelling then going it alone is not sustainable. Or maybe it’s just the case that you need a smaller menu. It is well known that the smaller a menu is the better the quality and the better chance you can concentrate on keeping it steady without over burning.

    Just my two cents. Stay strong man.

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