Hello 2020

2020 will begin with plenty of questions. Hopefully, I will find the answers. And hopefully I can do a better job of documenting the journey.

On January 16, 2020 Ramen Shack will begin a new adventure inside TOMIZ (a cafe formerly known as Zaiya). In my heart, I feel this partnership will be long lasting and vital for my business future. Most of the time you just gotta go with your heart and face the challenges as they come. I seem to be good at that, but I’ve had my fair share of mistakes.


For the time being, this will be the schedule for January unless my menu testing doesn’t go as planned. Yes, I’m trying to work on an all new menu for this location and one main difference from the past popups will be the absence of tonkotsu. Many of you who have come to love the variety of what ramen shack in queens offered will raise a brow and yearn for something from the past, but this is the challenge that I have chosen to take for myself. Obviously, if I don’t like the direction it goes, then I might lean back on something more familiar. So let’s try to be patient and enjoy the newest evolution.

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