Anxious times

I have a lot to do but can’t do it yet. The more I think about all the scenarios, the more I begin to stress about all the possible outcomes. Less than a week away from soft open and I still haven’t committed to a menu. Partly because I haven’t been able to test it yet, but also because I can’t. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day I can get into the kitchen and just grind. Fingers crossed.

No tonkotsu. That part of my mind is made up. Chicken Chintan will be the main soup for the shoyu ramen but it will be like no other stock I’ve made before. My goal is to make an Eifukucho Taishoken style shoyu without using any pork bones or lard. But I can’t really say much else. I don’t know how it will end up looking either. Most likely simple. No truffle, no sous vide chashu, no fancy garnishes. Just old-school-inspired future–the rebirth of shoyu.

The plan is to also have a vegetarian option and a Tsukemen option but those may not be ready in time for soft open. Or will they? Like I said, so many questions.

The bowls are custom made from Japan. I actually had them ordered before I closed shack in March and never got to use them. Now I get to use them.

And these are the noodles of the future.

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