100 day feast

I’m grappling with the fact that my full imaginary menu won’t be ready this week. Still trying to finalize toppings for the Future Chuukasoba and I haven’t had time to touch the Miso. With limited kitchen time (due to the shared space) and the struggle to maintain the noodle business, I think it’s better to start out slow.

Tomiz will be open tomorrow. And tomorrow will be the day to see exactly what I will be dealing with when the proposed switchover from lunch shift to dinner shift will occur. But I also have to take my daughter to school in the morning and make noodles. Oh man, I feel like I’m getting in over my head. Somehow, this self torture makes everything feel normal.

Today we also celebrated our 100 day old son with a tradition called お食い初め (okuizome), a ritual to promote healthy eating as he eventually transitions to solid foods.

He liked the new ramen the best. #future👋

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